Optimize the balance of quality vs. Cost is the objective of efficiency. Align processes, the organisation, systems, and governance model with the strategy is the main challenge of all organisations. The objectiveness of efficiency in kpi’s is the last stage for a continuous improvement./h5>
At advoost we have a lot of experience achieving operations efficiency and implementing data / reporting models to control it. We make all this experience available to our clients and we are committed in the implementation of the identified areas of improvement.
“There is nothing so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not have been done at all”
“Efficiency is doing things right even when no one is looking”
“Things can only get better when you stop doing what doesn't work”

A. Process Improvement

The continuous improvement of processes is crucial to adapt businesses to external changes. We analyse the processes, diagnose areas of improvement, and create action plan according to each Client need.

Our experience implementing successful cases of improvement processes, allows us to design new process models, and to partner with our clients during the implementation. Our work is not finished until the new model works and the results are visible.


  1. Improve the efficiency of current processes
  2. Standarisation of tasks and systems
  3. Elimination of bottlenecks, duplicities, or manual tasks
  4. Increase in time spent on high-value tasks

B. Organisational Efficiency

We propose and implement organisational solutions, ensuring the proper daily functioning of the team, and an optimal sizing adjusted to the reality of each Client.

We analyse the organisational structure, identify gaps and areas of improvement, assess the assignment of roles and responsibilities, communications between teams and the availability of cross-functional information. Based on all of the above, we design improvement plans consistent with the organisation, the business, and the strategy.


  1. Improvement of information flow and decisions making in the Organisation
  2. Clear definition of roles and responsibilities, and increase in team accountability
  3. Team Right-sizing, to maximise efficiency

C. Business Intelligence and Governance Model

Being able to forecast the trajectory of a business line, create new opportunities, or improve the data analysis, means going a step further in the use of business internal and external data.

With the objective of extracting the best information-knowledge, Advoost diagnoses the Governance Model and the Business Intelligence Model of our Clients, providing pragmatic solutions to improve the information flow and decision making. We build the necessary reports in both PowerBI and SQL Server Reporting Services, and we have the capacity to create the entire data model, from the design to the storage of the final report.


  1. Accessible KPIs and reports in PowerBI available for the management of the Company at all levels
  2. Increase efficiency through better data-driven decision making and an effective Governance Model
  3. Business Intelligence and data model, that allow flexibility when analysing new data

D. Functional ERP Audit

Advoost’s ERP Functional Audit promotes the improvement of internal controls throughout the Client’s information network to ensure the quality of data. Only by doing this, consistent and correct decisions can be made.

We analyse the current functionalities of the Client’s ERP (Dynamics-NAV, SAP, Deister, Prinex and others), we compare them against the functional design, and against the ERP standards, and identify gaps. We propose potential efficiency improvements from the ERP and propose simplification of processes within the ERP. We also identify implementation gaps between what is available and what is used from the ERP.


  1. Maximise the ERP functionalities
  2. Increased efficiency through better use of ERP
  3. Gap Analysis between reality and potential of the ERP

E. Restructuring

Although a continued cost containment would be optimal, in certain circumstances, organisations are forced to implement a third-party cost reduction program. At Advoost we help identify expense categories, size and analyse them to propose different sets of solutions by category to reduce costs in the short term and have a direct impact on the income statement. In case the Client requires it, we provide support during the implementation process of the plan.


  1. Reduction of third-party expenses in the income statement
  2. Global vision of dimensioned expense categories

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